Vision and Mission


To be the most effective sports club providing a more fulfilling lifestyle to its members, associates and the communities.


Champion Better Community behavior and health through promotion of sports

Core Values

The virtues KAVC Cherishes Include Equality, Collective Responsibility, Voluntarism, Transparency, Accountability, Integrity, Productivity, Punctuality , Total Quality, Faithfulness, and Positive Social Concern



Kampala Amateur Volleyball Club is located in Africa, Uganda at Hesketh Bell Road, Lugogo Indoor Sports Complex immediately adjacent to the Uganda Olympic Committee and National Council of Sports headquarters. It is a 30minutes’ walk from the city centre and about 5 minutes’ drive.

Practice Schedule

Team training is held six times a week Monday to Saturday from 17:00 hrs till 21:00 hours with mandatory sessions for ladies Tuesday & Thursday whereas the men’s mandatory sessions run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Official active recess or off season for the main teams is December with training resuming in the 2nd week of January the subsequent year.

Season Structure

Both  men and women  annually enter three teams in the NSSF National League

  • KAVC-A (Main Senior Team)
  • KAVC-B (Upcoming Players) &
  • KAVC-C (Veteran players)

The official colors of the club are Red, White and Blue. Quite often the club apparel is in one or a mix of these colors however the teams too don uniform of other colors.

To notarize any KAVC related apparel the official logo shown below is embroidered or inked onto the cloth.



KAVC was founded in 1970 by four players who, on leaving Makerere University, felt that they needed a club in which to channel skills earned through a self-driven vigorous program of training at campus.  These were Neko Muduse-Ojala a computer systems analyst, Dr. Wilson Ojikan-Odeke, a medical doctor, Ahmed Jetha teacher of mathematics, and Ms.  Erika Selzam, a teacher of German at Mengo Secondary School.

They were joined soon after by Charles Opio-Akome, Suleman Kakooza.  Dr. James Lukwago, Mike Smith and Richard Sendi. The club was called the “Kondos” (Translated The Robbers) reflecting the openly aggressive nature of their game.

In 1971 the club was further strengthened by membership from the Uganda Police.  These included SSP Mark Okellowange, SSP Stephen Kefulumya, and a young Police Constable, John Akii-Bua, who later went on to set the first and only World Record and won an Olympic gold medal by a Ugandan at the Munich Olympics in 1972.  The club name was changed soon after from the glaringly criminal name “Kondos” to Kampala Amateur Volleyball Club (KAVC) so as not to offend the new membership from the Police.

In 1972 KAVC set up a committee to prepare the way for the formation of the Uganda Volleyball Association (UVA). The Committee sought opinions from existing clubs, competing schools, and institutions of higher learning as well as the National Council of Sports. A draft constitution was drawn up by the committee and in September 1973 was presented to, approved and adopted by representatives from the above bodies. The Uganda Volleyball Association was launched at the same meeting. KAVC provided the core administration of the new Association and continued to do so for 15 years until 1988. This period saw the growth of volleyball clubs from one to sixteen and the establishment of a national league.

Over the years, KAVC has made the progress and performance of the UVA and now Uganda Volleyball Federation (UVF) our business. We have provided the strongest single membership to this body on a continuous basis. We have encouraged the set up and growths of sister clubs and have devised and supported all manner of competitions in various parts of the country. We have carried out supportive programs in schools in many of which volleyball has been introduced for the first time and grown to be the sport for the school. We have cumulatively contributed the majority of both male and female members of successive national teams and have taken advantage of all opportunities to train and develop coaches and referees. Again in the spirit of developing the game further, KAVC has continued to encourage its members to actively get involved in the management of Uganda Volleyball Federation at various levels including the current Presidency.

Knowing vividly that the success of any venture required a strong grass root to replenish talent, KAVC spent and still spends plenty of time supporting the school system with its endowed technical competences.

Makerere Open

A competition, the Makerere open had been started by some of the members of KAVC in 1969. It aimed at encouraging secondary schools in Uganda to spend a weekend at Makerere (The Ivory Tower) playing competitive volleyball. In that way Makerere hoped to tap talent from those students who were likely to join the University and constantly feed the University team. The University team needed to maintain its supremacy over the sister East African Universities of Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. At its formation KAVC decided to support and strengthen this competition because the University was seen as the main source for KAVC’s own membership. KAVC has consistently continued to support the Makerere Open until todate. On its part the University has remained a main source of the clubs membership. Young club players from the schools have gained inspiration from older members and, in most cases, have gained admission to the University and come back to KAVC.

Katuramu Cup

In 1971, KAVC further made a contract with a private Quantity Surveying firm, Katuramu and Company, to sponsor a separate annual schools competition called the Katuramu Cup. This cup, which was directly administered by KAVC all over the districts, saw the participation of 28 teams in 1971. It became so popular that by 1975 KAVC registered 180 schools and institutions of learning for that year’s competition. The competition had to be suspended in 1976 when travelling by schools for competition purposes became too risky all over Uganda. In the same year, the first Chairman KAVC, Mark Okellowange, was arrested by Amin and later died in Prison. He had been the main contact with the sponsor. The first Chairman of the Uganda Volleyball Association, Stephen Kyefulumya, also from the club, had to run into exile to Kenya at about the same time.

Luwero Cup

In 2005 KAVC partnered with MTN Uganda to introduce the Luwero district Championship in conjunction with Luwero District Volleyball Association which attracted almost all the secondary schools in this district. The district was thereon encouraged to keep this event up though shortly after it ceased.

School Holiday Volleyball Clinic

In 1998 KAVC initiated the annual secondary school holiday clinic at which students living in and near Kampala would be invited to enhance their volleyball skills at no cost. The debut clinic run at Lugogo Indoor stadium for a period of about two months non-residential and the pioneer participants became national stars there on even with the formation of a new premier club from this very lot called New Millennium volleyball club. The clinic since then has continued to help secondary school players to realize their dreams through improved skills and technics allowing them to join any of the top clubs and University teams in the country.

School Outreach Programmes

KAVC since the 1970s observed that the one of the most effective approaches to creating awareness in schools about volleyball was to make regular visits to such schools and engage in volleyball activity with the school squads while the rest of the school observed. These visits did help and still do, to generate interest for the game even from those who had earlier not been part of their school volleyball programmes.

Although KAVC had a lady in the founding team in 1970, female membership consistently remained less than could make up a volleyball team. Female playing therefore remained for a long time only a social pastime and never competitive. A ladies’ national team of sorts was hastily mobilised in 1982 by KAVC after receiving a sponsored invitation from the Egyptian Volleyball Federation which made a ladies team a condition. The Ugandan delegation to Egypt was led by the Mayor of Kampala, and our girls inevitably performed poorly.

The KCC Ladies Volleyball Team

With the support of the then Mayor of Kampala, Frederick Semaganda in 1982, KAVC took a bold step and registered eight members of the Kampala City Council (KCC) netball team to start a regular girls’ team. The team was to retain the name KCC but would represent the KAVC female team. This team continued in existence as part of KAVC for 15 years. The KCC ladies team since 1997 assumed independent administration with full sponsorship from Kampala City Council. We wish them a long stay.

The KAVC Ladies Volleyball Team

A few weeks after the formation of KCC, ten girls who had been training on and off under KAVC in preparation for Egypt, considered forming a rival female team under the new sponsored club, Uganda Clays. They decided against it and instead requested the KAVC management to form a separate girls’ team called “KAVC Ladies Proper”. From 1982, KAVC maintained two separate ladies teams called KAVC and KCC and between them they did take many of national titles and a few international ones and did for a good while contribute 100% of the ladies national teams. In the 1980’s KCC were the dominant team but in most of the 1990’s KAVC ladies team established national supremacy and were, like their men have been the most dominant force in Ugandan women volleyball. Recently, the scene is changing once again with the enrolment of University teams in national competitions. KAVC was the only non-premier ladies team in the 2012 national league play-offs. This rivalry for supremacy is good for the game.

Ladies & Management

KAVC has endeavoured to empower women through leadership opportunities both at the club level and encouraged at vying for management positions at the National Federation and beyond. Florence Nannyondo made history by becoming the first female president in 2011-2012. Joyce Achan was Federation assistant general secretary 2005-2008, general secretary from 2012 to date, Hadijah Nammanda Federation 2nd Vice President from 2012 to date, Phoebe Tucungwire federation assistant general secretary from 2009. Over the years the ladies have been resilient KAVC directors overseeing crucial club functional areas. KAVC made world history by being the only men’s top flight team to be coached by a lady Ms. Shilla Omuriwe and winning its fifth record League Title in 2014.

KAVC has since foundation been ardent at propelling national talent and standard through vigorous competitions and indeed initiated some of these competitions. By 2013 KAVC was enrolling six teams in the national volleyball league.

Pepsi Cola Cup

In 1970 KAVC struck a deal with the Pepsi-Cola Company, Lake Victoria Bottling Company, to sponsor an open tournament the Pepsi-Cola Cup. The cup drew plenty of enthusiasm all over the country and by 1975 had 16 clubs and 12 schools participating. Insecurity in the following year led to the suspension of all competitive activities. However this event was eventually resuscitate by the association then and is currently named the National Club Championship with the schools category derivative of the National Junior Championship.

Aporu Okol Memorial Cup

Having one of the founder members late Dr. Wilson Ojikan Odeke busy spreading the game in the East was a good precursor to KAVC joining in this noble cause making frequent visits to show the teso boys how it was done in Kampala. Each year KAVC & Kumi termites would arrange a mini-tournament of about 3 to 4 teams with a grand gala thereafter at the Kumi Leprosy center. These collaborative ventures generated lots of enthusiasm making the Kumi Termites and Kumi rangers formidable sides igniting the formulation of more teams from the teso region. Volleyball in Kumi has never looked back since then. In the meantime Dr. George Aporu had been nominated as patron of the then Uganda Volleyball Association, himself having been an ardent player at the University and featuring for a while at the KAVC. On his passing KAVC in conjunction with Uganda Volleyball Association saw it befitting to commemorate his life by evolving the tri-party tournament that Kumi Termites and KAVC had initiated into a national and international tournament named after the late patron ‘Aporu Memorial Cup’ now played annually under the auspices of Kumi Volleyball Association and Uganda Volleyball Federation

National League

KAVC again was at the forefront in the 1990’s of supporting the establishment of the National Men’s league by Uganda Volleyball Association. KAVC fielded two men’s teams in the debut league that eventually has grown into three tier annual competition for the men while the women have a single tier as at 2013.

Inter Territorial Competitions

In order to narrow the gap between Africa and the rest of the world it is imperative to narrow the gap amongst the African countries as a basis of emboldening better playing and organizational standards. In this respect KAVC has within its meagre resources ensured it participates in international events out of Uganda and has also grown the annual Founders’ Memorial Tournament into a household international stop for regional teams


In 1973 KAVC set up an exchange program with teams in the Eldoret and Nakuru areas of Kenya. Between 1973 and 1976, KAVC sent a team to all competitions hosted in the two towns while they in turn sent teams to play in Kampala. In later years KAVC travelled often to Nairobi to play at the annual Jamhuri International and to Dar Es Salaam at the Baldozo and KLM competitions, and Moshi, Tanzania, at the BONITE. Since 1989 KAVC struck a relationship with the Rwandese Volleyball Federation in which KAVC constantly travelled to Kigali to play and Rwandese teams travel to Uganda for competitions. As national clubs & league champions, KAVC has sent teams to Tunisia, Egypt Ethiopia Zambia, Kenya and Mozambique to defend the national flag. KAVC too took part in the Moses Tanui Cup in Eldoret, Nzoia Cup in Western Kenya, Nasila Cup in Busia Kenya as well as invitational tournaments in Burundi.

Recently the men’s team participated at the 2015 African Club Championship in Sousse, Tunisia under the stewardship of Coach Shilla Omuriwe the only female coach in Sousse where they posted 19th out of 24 men’s teams.

In 1995, it was 25 years since the formation of KAVC. KAVC decided to invite top teams from Rwanda and a team from Holland to join it in a tournament to celebrate this fact. Four teams from Rwanda, Kigali Volleyball Club (men and women), Rwanda Patriotic Army (APR), and National University of Rwanda, travelled to Kampala. From Holland, a ladies team Oranje Nassau, arrived for this silver jubilee. From Kampala we had KAVC (men and women), KCC (women), Dairy Corporation and Uganda Clays. We also had a young team from Kumi District started by one of KAVC’s founders Dr. Wilson Ojikan-Odeke, called Kumi Rangers.

The tournament appropriately named KAVC’25 , was very successful. The following year KAVC decided to make the tournament an annual event and to invite top teams from other neighbouring countries of Kenya, Congo and Tanzania. It was decided to name the tournament MEM, short for Founders’ Memorial and to play it in memory of Dr. Wilson Ojikan-Odeke, one of the four founders of the club in 1970 and who passed away on 7th December 1995.

Ultimately the MEM has evolved into a celebration of the foundation of KAVC with special recognition to the pioneer members, Neko Muduse-Ojala, late Dr. Wilson Ojikan-Odeke, Ahmed Jetha and Ms. Erika Selzam who were former students of Makerere University back then.The past editions have witnessed participation from Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Rwanda alongside Uganda’s own big names.

Formerly named KAVC Founder’s Memorial Volleyball Tournament, this annual international event was rebranded NSSF KAVC INTERNATIONAL in its 17th edition in 2013 recognizing the long-time partnership with NSSF and it continues converging the regions’ big guns for top level action in Kampala every year. It is a fully accredited event on the Federation National Calendar as well as the regional federation calendars.

Just like the name depicts the club comprises amateur players not as an indicative of their skill levels which still remain superior in the region but more regarding their non-professional nature as they are all volunteers and do not earn from playing volleyball.

Over the years KAVC took the forefront of promoting the game of volleyball in the country ranging from developing school teams, clubs, school competitions, club competitions as well as starting the Uganda Volleyball Association.

The founders provided the bulk of the club’s top leadership for over three decades thereon handing it over to a crop of young upcoming leaders from among the active playing cadre. Shortly thereon the club formulated a formal constitution that ultimately would witness regular formal change in leadership through the vote.

Since 1970 KAVC has marked many milestones and has continued to render its efforts in promoting volleyball and sports generally in the country as well as the entire continent. KAVC has even taken this game ball a step further by endeavoring to foster a better lifestyle among the population focusing on bettering their behavior and health through sports. The club’s accomplishments can be summed up in a few words ‘share your advancements so as to advance further’. Below are some of these cherished realizations.

Promoting Volleyball & Sport

  • The Annual School Holiday Clinic continues to churn out talent from which many clubs, institutions and schools are selecting elite players as well as the participants realizing a fulfilling holiday engagement that goes beyond the game and relays many life skills.
  • The school technical Outreach ventures continue to ignite unique interest in students towards playing volleyball and many of such students have ended up excelling in the game and also in their careers as they endeavor to emulate the diversely very skilled trainers who form the bulk of the outreach visits.
  • Besides ongoing technical support to schools, KAVC has played a significant role in the establishment and progression of sister clubs including KCCA, SPORT S, NEMO STARS, Old Kampala, New Millenium, Nakawa Volleyball Club, Nkumba University, Uganda Christian University, Ndejje University, Makerere University, Kumi Rangers, Jinja Volleyball Club, Gulu Amateur Volleyball Club, Elgon Volleyball Club, Mbarara Youth Volleyball Club, Vision Volleyball Camp, etc
  • KAVC has continued to up skill its technical cadres in the various aspects of the game including Coaching with one level-three coach (Tom Mutebi), 2 level-two coaches (Nasser Balinda and Joyce Achan) and over 12 level-one coaches besides various SAP level coaches.
  • Our members have ventured into professional coaching careers including Tony Lakony, Coach Nkumba University, Johnson Kawenyera Coach Ndejje University, Nicholas Obeke Coach St. Mary’s Kitende just to mention but a few
  • Refereeing with four international referees (Mofaht Masaba, Hadijah Namanda, Innocent Komakech, Robinson Tumwesigye), one international candidate referees Nasser Balinda and several national referees
  • Two members Joyce Achan & Masaba Robert recently trained as CAVB Technical supervisors in Cairo for Volleyball and Beach Volleyball respectively.
  • Volleyball Information System (VIS) technicians, Volleyball Sports management graduates and competition technical delegates.
  • KAVC continues to avail its technical membership to undertake management roles at the federation level including chairing some of the commissions and special projects. Since 1989 when Stephen Kyefulumya stepped down as chairman of UVA a KAVC member Sadik Nasiwu returned to the federation Presidency in 2009 through a competitive election and won yet another term in 2013. At Executive Level others who were elected include Ms. Hadijah Namanda 2nd Vice President, Ms. Joyce Achan General Secretary, Ms. Phoebe Tucungwire Assistant General Secretary. At board of administration level KAVC has Levian Ashaba chair of the Park/mass Volleyball Council, Edgar Karungi Chair of the volleyball as school commission, Mofaht Masaba Chair of the Beach Volleyball Council.
  • Our men count a record five National League Titles and the women three to their hand while both gender since inception have won the National Club Championship Title numerous times.
  • Both men and women have won the annual Rwanda Genocide Memorial Tournament over three times over the years.
  • Again both genders have lots of silverware to their name in the Open Tournaments across the decades.

KAVC and the communities

  • KAVC did and shall again participate in the Mulago Hygiene days as part of its community endeavors
  • We have similarly carried out hygiene efforts at the Naguru remand home and shared our aspirations with the reforming youth
  • In partnership with Children International we were able to support Peri-urban kids with first aid and injury prevention items
  • Our members continue delivering life skills talks at various youth forums and inspiring the young to pick up good habits for a better future.
  • We are going to participate in Road Safety programmes in partnership with Uganda National Roads Authority.