The KAVC holiday clinics are one of the approaches of promoting the advancement of volleyball in the country and are one of those methods the club has always undertaken to support the National Federation efforts. The KAVC CLINICS have bred quite a number of seasoned players aside from very many volleyball loving youth since inception in 1998.


KAVC has both the traditional third term holiday schedules as well as special programmes tailored for purpose during other school holidays.

  • The December 2016 schedule runs from 12th to 21st December, Monday to Friday, 14:00 hours to 17:30 hours at the Lugogo Indoor Sports Complex, Kampala Uganda.
  • The January 2017 schedule runs from 4th to 23rd  January 14:00 hours to 17:30 hours on Monday to Friday at the Lugogo Indoor Sports Complex, Kampala Uganda.


The day-to-day programme shall be communicated to the participants on registration and any modifications are duly notified including updates to the parents and guardians.

Application Forms:

Each interested participant is required to fill an application form either prior or during the formal registration at the training grounds. This form can be downloaded at KAVC clinic application forms.

Technical Team

# Role Name Mobile No. Email
#1 Technical Lead Levian Ashaba +256 772 306281
 #2 Expert 1
 #3 Expert 2
 #4 Expert 3