“The little feet”

We all appreciate that nurturing the roots raise a firm and productive tree. KAVC endeavors to promote volleyball to the very young whom we refer to as “the little feet” with programmes that foster early learning skills to ages ranging from 7 years to 13 years. The little feet are feed on accurate basics to build their interest in locomotive sports and also social sphere skills delivered by our expert resources.


Expression of interest by the parents/guardians is the precursor for enrolling on any specific programme. However we do also endeavor to reach out to applicable primary schools on a framework basis when requested by the school authorities. Expression of Interest can be made by filling the designated application form or contact our management team.

Technical Team

# Role Name Phone No. Email
#1 Technical Lead Tom Mpuuja Mutebi +256 702 874855 oirejune@yahoo.com
#2 Trainer